Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Rave: The party that never ended"

The free-party (née rave) scene seems to be alive and well, with plenty of action in warehouses, out in the woods or deep inside caves around and about. Even the broadsheets (article form The Independent) seem to have noticed. The Bristol based DMT crew are quoted in the article. What it doesn't go into much depth about is the variety of music you'll find at these events. Generally it seems to be pretty much an anything goes, as long as its any good, king of vibe, and breakcore is up there every bit as much as jungle / gabba / techno / psy-trance / dub-step or anything else you might name.

These free-for-all events have allowed outsider music and views to gain an audience and move into the traditional gigging arena and in some cases on again towards the mainstream. It's an important breeding ground. I don't want to get all preachy about the need for people to express them selves in this sort of way without interference, but we can see historically that many amazing culture shifting artistic forms, social mind sets and political ideologies have been nurtured in such atmospheres. Breakcore is one of those. Long live the free-party.


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Bristol also gets a mention on Wikipedia's Free Party entry:

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