Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PLUMMET - now with special guest Eustachian (Fathme/M3rck - USA)!!

Timbuk2, 22 Small Street, Bristol, BS1 1DW
Thursday 19th April 2007
Live Breakcore/Jungle/Electro/Glitchcore/Electronica/Noises
Room 1:
Electric Kettle (Peace Off/Mutant Sniper - France)
Ebola (Wrong Music/Sublight)
Monster X (Bedroom Research - France)
Parasite (Death$ucker/Peace Off)
Shoutput (Plummet/1 Man Army)
Michael DJ Rocks (Plummet/1 Man Army)
+ special guest EUSTACHIAN (Fathme/M3rck - USA)
Room 2:
The Portamentor (1 Man Army)
The Bro (Detonate)
Made In Bristol (dj)
Boggle DJs (Boggle)
Electric Kettle - 'Electric Kettle's Faster Ceremony and Ultra Discipline practically managed to eclipse Venetian Snares at his own game – the ultimate, hyper-compressed culmination of breakcore as a fusion of complexity and physically stimulating brutality. It's hard to see where the genre could go after that' -
Ebola - 'Ebola produces yammering, DSP-melting breakcore of the most severe kind' - Boomkat 'Ebola disembowels the breakcore format with a twisted blend of vocal screeching, drilling bass, and distorted electro squiggles that come at you from every angle' - XLR8R
Monster X - From super-heavy edit laden Electro to killer glitchcore, Monster X is quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with. We're looking forward to this one. A lot.
Parasite - Bristol's Own Death$ucker impressario Parasite makes his long overdue Plummet debut. Expect it to be sick.
Shoutput - Our very own Shoutput will be doing what he does best - Heavy heavy dancefloor breakcore, with added jazzhands. killer.
Michael DJ Rocks - Michael J Rocks performing a special dual-laptop dj set of whatever they can get their sick little hands on. Anything could happen.
The Portamentor - It's Headphobe, but not as we know him. Performing a special set in his Portamentor guise, The Neditor will be cracking out barrels of finest step and melodic squelch.
The Bro - Detonate main man The Bro is invading the Boggle room with his special sound. be there!
Plus Made in Bristol and The ever-impressive Boggle DJ's. Tis going to be killer! WOOP!
Electric Kettle -
Ebola -
Eustachian -
Monster X -
Parasite -
Shoutput -
Michael J Rocks -
The Portamentor -
The Bro -

Plummet -

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