Tuesday, October 09, 2007

PLUMMET - 18th Oct - Timbuk2 - Chevron, Dr. Bastardo, Michael J Rocks, Punksi

Chevron  -  Planet Mu/Wrong Music
Dr Bastardo  -  Peace Off/Proboscus
Michael J Rocks  -  Pummet/1ManArmy
Punksi  -  Bashout
Anorak  -  1ManArmy

Boggle Room:

Brother Wetlands
Fred Moth

Chevron:   “Chevron is of a rare breed who can combine some of the most diverse and challenging range of sounds to date and actually pull it off.”  -- Outlar

                 "Stunning. Music this original and this inspiring deserves to be heard and not just imagined. 4/5" -- iDJ

Dr Bastardo: “ With, “When Dubplates Attack”, a well produced eight tracker, where his own personal genious combination of twisted and dancefloor music are sure to bring some fresh air to decks and playlist worldwide...” -- Peace off Record review

Punksi:  Bringing his melting pot with him to cook up a eclectic mix to serve with his wonky spoon.  Fuckstep, dirty breaks, dub step wonk fest galore.

Michael J Rocks:   Plummet residents return once more to molest your ears with acid bass and kick drums. Hoo to the fucking rah!

Anorak:   Promoting his new “Incapsulate” release, the anorak brings to the table a savage mix of jungle and gabba oriented smashcore




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