Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mel's Birthday Bash At The Swan Feb 23rd

We're bringing the legend that is Remarc to the Black Swan for some amentalism madness along with a wicked lineup of acts for your deprived (depraved) ears. We'll be hosting the upstairs with some more chilled stuff downstairs and in our back room. Oh yeah, Rodigan's playing ;-)

Check dee lineup:

ROOM 1: Reggae and ting

Rodigan (Kiss FM)
Canibus (Doctor D)
Soljie (Qualitex)
Madhouse (Qualitex)
Big D (Unique Star)

ROOM 2: Jungle, breakcore, dnb

Remarc (Planet Mu, Suburban Base etc)
General Disarray (Blunderphonics)
Parasite (Death$ucker/Goatlab)
Michael J Rocks (One Man Army)
Blam (One Man Army)
Anorak (One Man Army)
Ironside (Prank/Dissident)
Jay Nom (Goatlab)

ROOM 3: Dubstep, Hip Hop and electronica

DJ Twohawks Simon Flint
DJ Frenic
DJ Source
Smokelife (Smiffy, Golgot 13, Tekton Naggar)
Puppy Lingus

Saturday Feb 23rd, £6 before 12



While I'm here, check out Raxyor, he should be coming to our shores soon for some blnuderphonics action. He will tear the swan up.


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