Tuesday, January 06, 2009

WEFT Records - New netlabel from Gusset

I've stared a net label. WEFT Records.

"Two sets of thread or yarn make up a piece of woven fabric. During the weaving process the warp threads are stretched from the back to the front of the loom. The weft threads are inserted across the loom at right angles to the warp; the weft threads going under and over the warp threads."

Already available for download are two old Gusset EPs, Silencio and Skidmark, and the great new Housewarming EP by Jilk. And lovely it is too. Just the thing when you are kicking through the 5mm of snow.

More releases are planned. Demos are welcome, please email odd tracks or, if you have a whole EP, a link to gusset at gmail.

In particular I'm looking for tracks for a compilation of world music influenced electronic music. If you have anything that fits that please let me know.


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