Thursday, November 23, 2006

GoatLab Radio Show

I finally made it into the studio last night to record a long overdue GoatLab radio show. We somehow managed to miss the month of October! Must have been recovering from the last GoatLab party. Anyway check out the latest radio broadcast. This months features tracks by Drumcorps, Warst, Jahba, an exclusive unreleased track by Venetian Snares (doing dub a version of Black Sabbath!!!) and a new Prodigy mashup by Soundbites coming soon to Death$ucker Records! Theres also Part 1 of 606's Personal History of Breakcore, and of course all the ususal nonsense and musical eclectivity from Anakissed, Parasite and 606. Follow the link - download the show!

The GoatLab @ Timbuk 2 - Friday 1st December 2006
Drumcorps (aka Aaron Spectre) / Tim Exile / Monkey Steak / Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards & Residents


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