Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Where do you make noise?

This is the Bristol contingent of the Gusset studio. My bandmate Spokesy has a separate set-up in London, with work transferred between us as Adobe Audition sessions on an ftp site. In the photo you can see my desktop, my live laptop, a Spirit FolioSX mixing desk, a Dave Smith Instruments' Evolver desktop analogue/digital hybrid monosynth, a Alesis Photo X25 Midi controller keyboard and I/O and Absolute Zero monitors. Out of shot there is an old cinema poweramp salvaged from an Odeon refit and a couple of guitars. The cupboard to the left if full of other junk like old guitar effects, electronic toys for circuit bending (should I ever get around to it), contact mics, etc.

gusset studio 08

You can hear this lot in action at the next Goatlab at the Croft on June 20th. I'm also playing in room 3 at Bash Out at the Black Swan on June 14th although I think that is going to primarily a spoken word set (not that I've written it yet).

We'd love to see what other producers set-ups look like. Please post yours here if you have access or mail it to us if you'd like to see it up here. Hopefully we can build an archive of all of the Bristol Breakcore producer's workspaces, which should be interesting.

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