Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Unfortunate ad placement. An animated spinning figure, fairy sparks flying, disappears into the washing machine k-hole with the message "Indulge your senses", in the middle of an article about the dangers of ketamine.

Horse tranqs are a bit of a leftfield choice for even the most seasoned drug user. Most people stay well clear of it. But it does seem to be the drug of choice at breakcore nights. The Croft often complained about Goatlab attracting too many drug users and not enough drinkers. K heads usually lead to an ambulance being called rather than the police, so you'd think little difference for the venue, except that they didn't make any money on the drugs in the first place as they would have done with the booze.

There was a guy thrown out of the December Goatlab who collapsed on the pavement and was eventually taken to the hospital. He checked himself out as soon as he could and by 3am was trying to get back into the venue. Much as I don't partake in anything like this and do not encourage it, I'll never have it said that our fans are not hardcore.

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