Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Savage Moon Remixes!!!

I recently made a soundtrack and sound effects for a new Playstation 3 game called Savage Moon. It’s a tower defence strategy game available in Europe and USA on the PSN (Playstation Sony Network) download shop. Savage Moon is not currently available in Japan, so I decided to ask a few friends from Japan to remix the soundtrack in the hope that people there might like it enough to want to play the game. So if you live in Japan and like what you hear, please email Sony Japan at this address ( and ask them to release Savage Moon in Japan!

Download the .zip file here:

or the torrent file here: or here:

Please share these files! :)


About the artists:

FOURGRAM : Savage Moon 3
FOURGRAM is from Kanazawa in Japan. He makes dubstep and minimal with an experimental edge. His influences are drawn from the likes of Caspa, Rusko, FFF and closer to home Ove-Naxx and Cychouts Ghost. He’s also one third of the Hip Hop/Breakbeat/Electronica band Yoco Organ.

HIMURO YOSHITERU : Level 1-4 Remix
HIMURO YOSHITERU has a remarkable ability to sculpt sweet melodies and weave them into intricate beats. He’s based in Tokyo and has had a number of releases on labels such as Troop Records, Couchblip, Zod Records and French label Invitro. Himuro’s first album Nichiyobi was released in 1998 by the UK record label Worm Interface, alongside artists like Tom Jenkinson (Squarpusher) and Freeform. His releases are mostly within the electronic music genres of drum and bass, electronica, hip hop, braindance and IDM, with a significant jazz influence. His style is often described in the media as very playful. It is comprised of finely chopped, fast rhythms in combination with jazzy bass and synthesizer lines and 8bit sounds (like video game music). In this area he is one of the prominent Japanese musicians of this time. Some of his pieces have been featured on John Peel´s Radio show on BBC Radio 1 and one was later released as an mp3 on the Tribute to John Peel Series, as a free download.

FREEZER aka GOD OD : Savege Moon RMX
Freezer aka God OD are two dubstep producers from the souther western region Hyago in Japan. They have played out at a number of electronic music parties including Murder Channel, and have worked with British vocalist legend Daddy Freddy on a recent track to be released on the Murder Channel label.


UNURAMENURA is a Japanese producer who has been churning out great music since the hey-day of breakcore. He has had music released on such legendary record labels as Peace Off and Maddest Chick’ndom. He also has a debut CD album coming out this year on the Tokyo based record label Murder Channel

PARASITE : Savage Moon Zeus Remix
PARASITE from Bristol UK is best known for helming the consistently great Death$ucker label which boasts the breakcore scene’s best and most eclectic roster - with releases from Bong-Ra, Knifehandchop, Krumble, Stivs, Shitmat, Monkey Steak, DJ C, and DJ Ripley. He’s a DJ and producer and has had releases on Peace Off, Damage and Bong-Ra’s Clash 7inch label. He’s organised Toxic Dancehall (RIP) - and the Goatlab that has risen from its ashes.

Special thanks to Ume from Murder Channel for all of his help on this project!

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