Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bash Out - Black Swan - 20th June

main room: jungle & multi core

the outside agency
[aka dj hidden and eye-d - live bristol debut]

twinhooker & paulie walnuts
[mad dem sound usa: soldiers in the streets tour]

[cock rock disco, planet mu - live birthday set!]

ely muff
[headfuk/deathchant - live]

[aka schemeboy vs randomoidz - adverse camber]

bashout allstars
[resident badmen]

upstairs: staggering bass abuse

rogue state ft. mc deadman
[r8 recordings - bristol debut]

lief ryan
[growth recordings - bristol debut]


big d’s dancehall clearout

[aka el kano vs magimix - adverse camber]

davey t

back room: the bashout lectures

dan gusset and friends

dubboy vs beavis inna rootstyle

& more tbc...

sat 20 june 2009
black swan, bristol
10 til 5,
£8 b4 11, £9 after...
tickets: £6 [plus booking fee]

Bashout - Databent Urbex

The Bash Out Lectures with Dan Gusset and Friends

Dan Pope (aka Gusset) will be presenting an A/V performance of data bent versions of his urban exploring photos alongside a live drone/glitch soundtrack in room three of Bash Out at the Black Swan, Bristol on Sat 20th June (10pm – 6am).

Data bent images are intentionally corrupted digital images where the files have bits altered, cut around, have channels moved or filtered, and are otherwise bastardised to cause all forms of distortions and bizarre effects. Often the results are disappointing fields of black or images that refuse to open at all but persistence and luck can lead to intriguing results.

Like it's close relative circuit bending, where any electronic sound making device, usually a cheap children's toy, is dismantled and its circuitry randomly rewired, it's something that anyone can try. It may just be noise with occasional recognisable hints of what it once was, but there is a beauty to be found in there either by close study or by allowing it to wash over you.

Among the friends Dan has filled the rest of the line-up with will be a Dub Boy & Beavis - Inna Rootstyle, films from public space hijacker and Occasional Cinema organiser Badoni, and beatless soundscapes from Freq.



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"Public space hijacker" I like that.
I should put it on my business cards ;)

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