Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wrong Music Take Over Pt 2 @ Lab! 27/02/10 Mash-Up Mayhem!

Yes thats right you Wronguns! were going solo again in Bristol, after the delightful mash up at our home The Volks, Brighton, on Friday (thanks to all that came), this time we’re taking over Lab in Bristol and Wronging it up the only way we know how to!!! Only £6 in Adv! Bargain!

Line Up:
Squires Of Gothos (Electrostimulation//Coin Operated)
The Squire of Gothos is two badbwoy producers from Sheffield who create possibly the most elite riddims known to mankind. TSOG is a cross between Speed garage, Dubstep, electro house, grime and old school hardcore. Fuck with these nasty mesters and you’ll be in for a big shitty surprise, replace the neon clothing with some medieval style gear and dance like some kind of gabba nazi!

The Doubtful Guest (Planet Mu//Adaadat//USA)
Chicago’s Libby Floyd, aka The Doubtful Guest, is a fierce onslaught of 303-driven rave pressure. a classically trained opera singer who’s wrestled the acid nightmares from her 303s and let them writhe over doomcore menace, dublicious breakstep, ardcore mentalism and dread-filled gabba.

Taz Buckfaster (Rwina//Numbers//Subway)
Taz Buckfaster makes music for dancefloors, couches, bassbins and headphones, a full frontal LFO attack unleashing wave upon wave of granite edged subbass wobble. Gotta be heard

Ghost (Life 4 Land)
While being one of the driving forces behind life4land records and a cornerstone of uk breakcore movement, he has been busy in his studio for the best part of a decade honing and developing his distinct style of music.

Bruce Stallion (aka DJ Floorclearer) (Tigerbass//Proboscus)
Floorclearer alias Bruce Stallion, party smashing sets and productions straddle dubstep, electro, heavy bass and wobble happy rave. His tunes caught the discerning ears of Kid 606, who promtly signed him up to his infamous Tigerbeat6 label.

Ebola (Wrong Music//Mutant Sniper)
While others jump belatedly on the dubstep/breakbore bandwagon, Ebola continues to sidestep genres with a melding of collision-course rhythms and truly unnerving electronic soundscapes…

Judith Priest (Wrong Music//Pandead) (*BIRTHDAY SET*)
The rev. Judith Priest preaches the word of Clericore, a potent mix of breakcore, jungle, gabber, noise and crazy religious beats that get the congregations stomping on the dancefloor whilst having their souls cleansed.

Demon Cabbage (Wrong Music//Battle Grounds)
Youngest of the Wrong Music collective/record label, at only 22 years old, has been helping run wrong for a number of years, runs the Wrong Music nights in Bristol, is 1/3 of Battle Grounds, get ready to rock out with you c*ck out with his blend of DnB, Jungle, Gabber, Dubstep, Heavy Metal, hardcore and Grindcore.

Drokkr (Ireland//Stupid Fly)
The Republic Of Cork bassline monster invades Bristol, Erin Go Bragh

The Fez (Love Love//Bad Sekta)
Inspired by underground rave legends like Eli Muff and the HeadFuk crew, The Fez! turbo spazz bass that kicks out with breakcore snares. Dark at times but The Fez maintains a powerful dancable edge to his music that sets him aside from the more introspective sect of electronica but with all the right tricks.

Smash TV (Ribstep)
Breakcore party boys return to to strut their stuff

LXP (Drum Disciples//Battle Grounds)
LXP creator of Drum Disciples, Anti Clone, Jungle Clone and 1/3 of Battle Grounds, rinsing it up nationwide, with his blend of ragga jungle, dnb and breakcore

Groove (Audio Asylum//Battle Grounds)
Groove has been in and around the dark and harder side of dance music for a fair few years now, creator of Audio Asylum and 1/3 of Battle Grounds, usually heard tearing it up with techno, dnb and ragga jungle

Eraserhead (Love Love)
Eraserhead is the alternative alias of Noel Edmonds’ Breakcore side project. Edmonds began producing music in the early 1990s, at first he was pressing jungle and happy hardcore to vinyl through his own record label, ‘Noel’s Hardcore House party records’

Waspcatcher (Dubculture//Ireland)
The invasion from Cork continues with another bassline monster!

Twocsinak (Wrong Music)
Joseph Howard Grounds aka Twocsinak aka DJ Sarah Wilson is the most prolific and intelligent artist on the wrong roster. His songs combine a truly English sense of humour, concept heavy sampling agendas, wonderful vocal narratives and experimental musical arrangements.

Giving your ears a right genre bashing across the board


Fata Morgana

Tickets Out Friday:
Advance Tickets £6 + BF
In Hand:
Bristol Ticket Shop
Rooted Records


Get your tickets early as it will be More On The Door!

Lab, 27 Broad Street, Bristol BS1 2EL, formerly The Arc Bar


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