Friday, December 01, 2006

Laptop Battle – Results

Me and Parasite went along to the Laptop Battle last night at the Croft. It was excellent fun! Really, really good idea for an event. There was a good crowd and good vibes all night. The event saw several producers go head-to-head over two rounds (which varied from two to five minutes). There were 3 judges who would award each round to one or the other. It was good stuff, as you could watch the crowd and producers reactions as sets rose and fell – kind of like X-Factor with decent sounds and less pretensions (and thankfully no Simon Cowell). The final saw Headphobe (the local contender, from 1 Man Army and last years champ) vs. Shinra (Adverse Camber, from London) – hard fought battle, but by a 2:1 decision the judges gave it to Shinra!

I told Parasite he should enter the next one, he was all ummm and errrr 'I'll think about it...'

Nice one, those who put this event on. See you at the lab tonight...


Blogger Parasite said...

hey! you still owe me a £1...loser ;)

5:23 AM  

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