Friday, October 24, 2008

Toxic Dancehall Slovakia!!!

Not quite a Bristol gig, but amusing nonetheless!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Forbidden Sound presents: Twilight of the Tiki

Main Room (Jungle / Breakcore / D&B):

Wisp (Replex)
X&trick (Bugklink)
Parasite (Death$ucker)
Helix (Marionette)
Macheeen Boi (Sustained)
Lee Plastic (Marionette)
Ant Orange (Dirty Load)
Michael J Rocks (One Man Army)

Saturday 22nd Novemebr 2008 - Black Swan, Easton, Bristol. £5 all night!

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Mongrel @ The Croft - Sat 1st November 2008

Mongrel @ The Croft
Saturday 1st November

Room One- Drum&Bass/Jungle/Breakcore:
GEIN- (Habit/Freak/Moving Shadow/Tech Itch/USA)
JAHBA- (Mos-Hi/Life4Land/Blacktrack/USA)
SVENGALI vs PORKCHOP- (The Mongrel Soundboys)

Room Two- Reggae/Ragga/Bashment:
TOKIN’ MAN DEM- AKA Neek, Middleman & D-Jim- (Sureskank Convention)
DON ANGELO- (Nomad Posse)
TELE- (Mongrel/Soundwarr)

Gein, a trio of producers formed in early 2004, have become hugely popular amongst those who like their music dark and brutal. Named after the notorious psycho Ed Gein who spread fear through America in the ‘50s Gein are now terrorizing dancefloors the world over with their twisted brand of drum&bass. Welcomed into the Freak Recs/Therapy family they make hard, heavy dnb with complex drums patterns and tortured bass lines. Gein have a dark and intense sound which is making an impact the world over.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing a Jahba live set then you’ve got a treat in store. A highly nonconformist producer and a controversial personality within the US jungle/breakcore scene Jahba is about as far away from conventional as is imaginable. His sets take in widely different genres and emotions- furious, musical, angry, epic, funny and insane. He likes to call his brand of music Gonzo Junglizm and when we had him over in August last year he made it one of our best shows with an incredibly entertaining set and, as he lurched about the stage, cigarette holder in hand, there was definitely a touch of the Hunter S Thomson about him.

Support from Mongrel’s Svengali and Porkchop with some hard hitting DnB and Jungle.

Room two bringing the fiya as per. This time we welcome Tokin’ Man Dem of Sureskank Convention to the Mongrel fold and Don Angelo who always brings some nice rub-a-dub and dancehall sounds. Holding tings together as always is the one like Tele.
11 til 5, £5 all night.

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