Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bare bassssss mix and blend...

A bass heavy Dub Step to Bass tastic jungle mix...with a few little treats on the way...


FILE NAME-barebassmixblend.mp3

anyone having problems with quality?? it seems when converting the file to mp3 it distorts it.

trying to rectify...

Monday, January 29, 2007


Timbuk2, 22 Small Street, Bristol, BS1 1DW - Thursday 15th February 2007 - Live Breakcore / Jungle / Gabba / Drum N Bass / Mash Up

Room 1:

DOLPHIN (Ninja Columbo/Planet Mu/Deathchant)
THE TEKNOIST (Ninja Columbo/Planet Mu/Deathchant)
Michael J Rocks (1 Man Army Records/Plummet)
Greg Scrase (Audio Aubergine)

Room 2 (Hosted by Boggle):

Carbon Lifeform vs. Pook$ter
DJ Percussive
Boggle DJ's: Decks and FX

£5 Entry
Doors: 10pm - 3am


Dolphin -
The Teknoist -
Michael J Rocks -
Greg Scrase -
Boggle -,30067.0.html
GlitchNight -
1 Man Army Records -
Plummet -

Mongrel 1st Birthday Bash

Mongrel's first birthday bash and we got a line up to span the jungle spectrum like a fat boy straddling a tricycle. See for yourself:

Room One: raggajungle / dnb / breakcore / mongrelsounds.
  • AARON SPECTRE (Death$ucker / Ad Noisium / Cockrock Disco / Mashit / Kriss / Berlin)
  • MURDERBOT (Dead Homies / Mashit / USA)
  • DIAMOND GEEZER (One Drop Sound / N20 / Freeburning)
  • THE SECT (offkey)
  • SVENGALI (junglemongrel / uraggatang)
  • PORKCHOP (dongrel / leandoginc)
Room Two: roots / reggae / dub / dancehall / breakcore / hiphop
  • RAM-BOY (passion fm/italy)
  • SKYLION (canejuice/grassroots)
  • MIDAS (P.R.A.N.K)
  • DJ TELE (soundwarr/mongreldub)
  • BEATAMAX (new york, paris, peckham)
  • EWANHOOZARMI (lean2/wax lyrical)
  • plus vocals from TALL RICH
In room one I think we can build a really interesting progression of the music from Murderbot's more soulfull style through to Aaron's belting breakcore with Diamond Geezer somewhere in between. Throw some heavy dnb into the mix with The Sect and we should have a jungle bonansa to remember. Room two as always will provide some respite from the jungle pit with Bristols finest reggae djs. We'll also be joined by Ram-Boy from Italy - you can catch him on Passion fm on Thursday nights. Blue Mountain turned out to be an excellent venue for us at the last one so we're staying put for once - who knows it may turn into our permanant home. I was a bit worried about the sound in there from previous events but we brought a few extra speakers with us in November and I thought it was sounding good so we'll do the same again. For those of you with some stamina you'll be pleased to hear we've asked for an extra hour and got it til 6 in the morning. With the long old line up we've put together we needed to stretch it out. Come wish the Mongrel your best.


Friday, January 26, 2007

School Disco

Parasite told me that he and Juxtaposeur have been asked to DJ for the school disco at St. Michaels on the Mount primary school. Is that going to be a top gig for what? The event is the night after GoatLab 3, so I guess that gives Parasite a chance to hone his skills before the critical ears of the 4 to 11 year-olds get to hear it. I would recommend they play Drumcorps, Napalm Death and Mr. Snares. Oh, and Nellie the Elephant.

Best school disco ever?




Wednesday, January 24, 2007

GoatLab 3 Lineup!

Howl! Howl! Howwwwl! The GoatLab 3 line up is out and it looks amazing. It's going to be amazing! You've got ex-Digital Hardcore & breakcore legend Patric C, the top Mad EP, fresh talent from Glasgow - Acrnym (just signed to Sublight Records). The local side is represented by the excellent Hunting Lodge plus the soild support of Parasite, Ironside, Dub Boy, Atki2 & Nim Chimpsky. Plus! You might notice DJ Ruk, that Parasite's little bro - following in the family tradition!

GoatLab #3 Friday 2nd March 2007 @ Timbuk 2, Small Street, Bristol UK

Here's the line-up (so far):

* Patric Catani aka Candie Hank (EC8OR / Puppetmastaz / A*Class )
* Mad EP (Ad Noiseam / Hymen / Mirex)
* Acrnym (Sublight)
* Hunting Lodge (Farm Girl)
* DJ Ruk
* Gusset (Death$ucker)
* Anakissed (Visuals)
* Parasite (Death$ucker / Peace Off)
* Ironside (P.R.A.N.K / Dissident)
* Dub Boy b2b Atki2 (Ruffnek Diskotek / Shadetek)
* Jay Nom (Death$ucker)
* Nim Chimpski (Bad Planet / Finga Munkie)

Friday 2 March 2007 @ Timbuk 2, Small Street, Bristol BS1. 10pm - 4am.
3 Rooms of Music!!!
£5 in fancy goat wear. £6 b4 11pm, £7 after. Decor by Room 3 hosted by Descend. Tickets are available from and DMT Records (Stokes Croft).

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Monkey Steak 'n' Bake

Awesome Monkey Steak gig review from the Dissident vs. Life4Land soundclash last weekend, from Gutterbreakz:

If I'd been a member of Monkey Steak, I would've been shitting myself at that point - I mean, how do you follow that?! But with their usual easy-going nonchalance, Atki 2 and Hanuman wasted no time in taking us a whole other strange trip. I try to catch these two in action at least every six months, and each time you can be sure the set will be almost completely unrecognisable from the last time, not just the tracks, but changes in overall emphasis too. This was easily the most wide-ranging, far-reaching set I've witnessed to date. Hanuman's interest in ethnic & world music is increasingly coming to the fore, but they're also mounting a full-on 2-Step revival, filled with lashings of euphoric synth, breathy ghost-whispers of female chanteuses and blurred, oscillating trumpet-loops that put me in mind of Terry Riley's "Poppy Nogood". They're taking vocal aceppalas from Flow Dan and Joanna Newsom and forcing them to co-exist in a new mutually compatible environment, and they're skanking out with Junior Mervin in a righteous dubzone. Like Bass Clef, it's about serious music, but also about having a wild party, with a big grin on it's face. Monkey Steak were always on their own circular orbit, but now it's like they're constructing their own galaxy, built on a sublow foundation, where anything and everything can happen. Surely 2007 is the year they get to make an album...?

Monkey!Knife!Fight! w/ Drop The Lime & Knifehandchop

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dissident vs Life4Land Soundclash

It's the one you've been waiting for..the 3rd installment in the [dissident] soundclash murderation!!! 2 rigs, 2 crews, 1 victor!!!!

[dissident] (bristol) vs Life 4 Land (Cambridge)
Sat 13/1/07, Black Swan, Bristol, £5, 10-5

[dissident] team:
Fix (Live)
Headphobe (Live)
Mad Tek (Live)
Noisy Boy
Jon Deviant

Life 4 Land team:
Ed Cox

Room 2 Hosted by Ruffnek Diskotek
Bass Pressure / Ragga / Dubstep / Bashment

BASS CLEF (aka R.L.F. / Blank Tapes) Live!
MONKEY STEAK (Death$ucker / Punch Drunk / Werk) Live!
DUB BOY vs MIDAS (Ruffnek Diskotek / P.R.A.N.K.)
KYMATIK (Noir / Byte)
star delta vs BROTHER WETLANDS (Boggle / Ruffnek Diskotek)

Room 3-
Comedy Cinema- Southpark, Family Guy, Barley, Time Trumpet etc.