Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mongrel vs. Agro Part.2 - Sat 23 Oct 2010 - Lakota, Bristol

After the success of our first collaboration Mongrel and Agro team up again to present another mammoth underground lineup.

£12 tickets now available from Bristol Ticket Shop, more outlets soon.

Room One:

KID 606 (Tigerbeat6/Shockout/Germany) (Live)
THE PANACEA (Position Chrome/Offkey)
NEIL LANDSTRUMM (Scandinavia/Planet Mu) (Live)
POINT B (Combat Recordings/Frijsfo Beats) (Live)
SVENGALI (Mongrel)
PSYDA (Agro)

Room Two:

BOXCUTTER (Planet Mu) (Live- 2hrs)
GOTH TRAD (Deep Medi) (Live)
LMB (Triptic/Fabric)
MORTAL WOMBAT (Benofficial & Spydogen)

Room Three:

Visuals from Anakissed

JAHBA (Life4Land/Mos-Hi) (Live)
KID KAMELEON (Surya Dub/XLR8R) (Live)
AMEN-TAL (Amen-tal/Gonzo) (Lenkemz Live Set)
PARASITE (Death$ucker) (AV Set with Anakissed!)
TINKER (False Profit) (Live)
MISSAW (The Centrifuge)
IRONSIDE (P.R.A.N.K/Bashout)
DJ TELE & BIGETA (Mongrel/Suck Yu Mumma)

Artist details:

Bogdan Raczynski-

Born in Poland, raised in the USA and schooled in Japan, Bogdan finally arrived in Europe via a homeless spell busking on the streets of Tokyo. Wherever he went he was always creating new music and in '99 he was signed to Richard D James' Rephlex Records. He went on to produce a slew of groundbreaking records for the lable including a collaboration with Bjork in 2005 and several critically aclaimed albums and EPs. His live shows are incomparable, you will never be the same after witnessing one….


Barry Lynn is the hugely talented and imaginative producer behind Boxcutter. After releases on Hotflush, Planet Mu snapped up his debut album Oneiric and have since released the Tauhid EP and his next two albums Glyphic and Arecibo Message. Genuinely innovative and wide ranging Boxcutter’s music has a dubstep foundation but demonstrates elements of acid house, jazz, garage, jungle and IDM amongst others styles. His 2 hour set in room two is sure to be quite a journey.

Kid 606-

With influences from Autechre to Blondie via Lee "Scratch" Perry, Black Sabath and Jeff mills Kid 606’s eclectic and wonderfully irreverant music has rocked dancefloors the world over. With releases on his own Tigerbeat6, Shockout, and Tigerbass lables and countless others, the ever evolving Kid continues to surprise and amaze.

The Panacea-

Mathis Mootz, the teutonic mastermind and producer behind The Panacea from Wuerzburg, Germany, has developed and perfected his sinister drum and Bass mashup style over the years. His fierce and uncompromising sets are fueled by wreck-step beats and feature elements of hardcore techno, drum'n'bass, jungle and industrial to create a unique and explosive sound.

Neil Landstrumm-

A true pioneer of UK electronic music, Neil Landstrumm has released work on many of the most recognised labels in the industry since 1994, including Peacefrog, Tresor and Planet Mu. He is an artist who always seems to be at the spearhead of experimental, low frequency electronics, straddling genres with an ease that his imitators have struggled to achieve. Landstrumm's amazing new live show weaves British electronic heritage into a thoroughly modern bass experience.

Goth Trad-

A unique producer with a unique style, Goth-Trad has emerged from the Japanese electronic scene in the last decade as one of the most arresting artists from his generation. Freely playing samplers, keyboards and self-made instruments, ‘The Sound Originator’ Goth-Trad creates remarkable dance music with an abstract approach. With releases on lables such as Planet Mu, Deep Medi, Disfigured Dubz and Soul Jazz Records Goth Trad has undoubtedly put his stamp on the scene. As Hyperdub label head Kode 9 put it ‘Goth-Trad is a one-man army’, his relentless tour of live shows have always left every audience wanting more.

Point B-

Point B is the creation of writer and producer Richard Bultitude. His music is an intriguing, textured and bass rich take on the Dubstep/2-step sound. Fans of his electronic peers such as Burial, Autechre and Tipper will find this potent brew infused with reflection and bittersweet calm.


Gonzo junglist Jahba never disappoints with his explosive, high energy live junglecore sets featuring elements of reggae, metal, hip-hop and irreverent comedy vibes.

Kid Kameleon-

Kid Kameleon is in his 2nd decade mixing and matching every break- and bass-derived genre under the sun, from hip-hop, dancehall, glitch and downtempo to dubstep, jungle breakcore, club and experimental. He has been part of the ground breaking Soundlab (New York), Shockout (Oakland) and Surya Dub (San Francisco) crews and writes for XLR8R magazine on all things bass-related.


Lenkemz will be repping in room three for Norwich’s finest amen smashing mentalists.


Tinker is the resident laptop mistress of the long-standing and well-respected San Francisco arts collective False Profit. Recently her tunes have been getting serious attention in the fertile west coast music scene. Her shows are sure to put smiles on faces and wiggles in hips.


Bristols finest and Death$ucker head honcho Parasite is sure to get the party jumpin as he always does with his jungle/breakcore tearout sets. VJ genius Anakissed will be providing an exclusive visual treat to feed the senses!


Missaw is The Centrifuge’s founder, label curator and resident miscreant. Known for his versatility behind the decks, for this event he'll be packing a stack of acid and drill'n'bass that has shattered unsuspecting speakers and eardums across Europe this year.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - Whats On Guide? is a new events listing portal for Bristol's vibrant music scene. The site offers day-by-day listings of events, including venue and artist information. Users are invited to add their own events and artists / bands / DJs can update their own profile, with the options to add DJ mixes (from MixCloud or SoundCloud), photos and YouTube videos.

Go check it out for yourself...

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Goatlab Radio - DSC Special (Stivs & Ed Cox)

english-bull-terrier dscrew copy

Hold tight people and get ready for an hour of fresh DSC music. For those unfortunate few who have never heard of DSC, Stivs or Ed Cox, you’re in for a real treat! To sumarise:

“THE DOG SHIT CREW, THAT’S A RUGGED CREW!” said mr. key 2007,pritty much explains it, dog faeces. born in the mean streets ov romsey town in the year ov the dog 82 ,the crew whose soul existance revolves around dog shit…watch this space as the dog shit crew come out ov the gutter and onto your computer.

DSC have a vinyl out on Death$ucker and Life4Land called The DSC EP, they also have an EP on Kingdom, both dancefloor killers. Stivs has a 7 inch single coming out on his new label Bomba Cut Recordings which is a joint release with Death$ucker Records, and both Ed Cox and Stivs will be touring the UK and Europe this Autumn.

Listen/Download the show here: Goatlab – DSC Special


  1. DSC – sherlock Dub
  2. DSC – Mashstep
  3. DSC – It’s a pity (gay remix ft. Nina)
  4. DSC – Say My Name
  5. Stivs – Babylon goulstep RMX
  6. DSC – Kingston RMX
  7. DSC – let me see the nozle (ft. Daddy Freddy)
  8. DSC – The 13th der collectiv fire rmx (ft.Demolition Man an avi)
  9. DSC – Staby stab stab (ft. Dirty Dike)
  10. DSC – Respect
  11. DSC – Herbalist rmx
  12. DSC – Pirates choice
  13. DSC – Burn down the system rmx
  14. DSC – As i rise (ft. Demolition Man)
  15. Junglefever + Stivs – Fat Ting
  16. Junglefever + Stivs – Money Money
  17. DSC – Talk Out Loud (ft.Deadly Hunter)
  18. DSC – I was born rmx

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