Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dec 2006 GoatLab Audio

Parasite has posted the audio he recordrd from the last Goatlab night! Enjoy....
Monkey Steak:
Listen to Monkey Steak live @ The GoatLab 1 Dec 2006.
Buy Monkey Steak goodies from

Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards:
Listen to Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards live @ The GoatLab 1 Dec 2006.

Listen to Drumcorps live @ The GoatLab 1 Dec 2006.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

STFU & Rave NYE Shell Suit Rave

The age-old problem of deciding what to do with your mates every New Year's Eve is no more! Prepare yourself for a night @ the Black Swan like no other! A line-up you'd only dream of while sitting on your desert island sipping a margarita. STFU & Rave is the place to be come 31 December. Room 1 is looking like this:
  • Aaron Spectre (Death$ucker / Mashit)
  • Vex'd (Planet Mu / Subtext)
  • Rotator vs. Krumble (Peace Off)
  • Eiterherd (Widerstand)
  • Parasite (Death$ucker / GoatLab)
  • Pisstank (Irritant)
  • Michael J Rocks (1 Man Army) vs. Teknoist and Dolphin (Deathchant / Planet Mu)
  • MDMA (Wrong Music)
  • Jay Nom (Death$ucker)
Room 2:
  • Loefah (DMZ)
  • Pinch (Tectonic / Planet Mu)
  • Demon Cabbage
  • Pete Bubonic
  • Misoh (Get Raised)
  • Delsa
  • Middleman & Neek
  • Superisk
  • Minuek
Room 3:
  • Wrong Karaoke hosted by Digital Thunder (Company Fuck & Hunting Lodge)
Dress Code: Tracksuits / shell-suits!!!
10pm-5am. £10 adv + booking fee (usually £1)
Black Swan, Stapleton Road, Easton, Bristol

Advance tickets are available online @, and all the usual outlets: Rooted Records, DMT Sounds etc. Further information is available at

Plummet Christmas Bash @ T2, 21.12.06

"Rounding off a year of nautical noise, offensive promotions and throwing up out of the window, we have a christmas bonanza of bristol breakcore from all your favourite plummet layabouts!!
All for a small gift of 3 gold (no frankincense or myrrh :shitjokecrew:)"


Timbuk2, 22 Small Street, Bristol, BS1 1DW
Thursday 21st December 2006

Live Breakcore/Jungle/Chrimbocore/Mash Up/Electronica/Sexy Tramps

Room 1:
Michael J Rocks (1 Man Army Records/Plummet)
Defazed (1 Man Army Records/Jungletek Movement)
Spaghetti Machete (Plummet)
Shoutput (Plummet)
Bzode! (LoAF)

Room 2 (Hosted by Boggle):
Star Delta vs. Brother Wetlands
Brian Blessed
Boggle DJ's: Decks and FX

£3 Entry
Doors: 10pm - 3am

No flyer yet. Will add it when it's done.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Parasite Enters Laptop Battle 3

Just heard that Parasite has entered the next laptop battle event!!! He'll be backup up by Anakissed on visuals. This next battle is shaping up to be a killer event. Keep your eyes out for the event in Feb '07.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bashout @ Black Swan - Sat 9 Dec 2006

Soundmurderer is being flown over from Detroit especially for the gig. Anyone who saw or subsequently heard his set at Toxic Dancehall a couple of years back now what a genius this man is when he plays out. Add to this up and coming Belgium dnb star DJ Hidden (fans of Enduser, Exile, Limewax, Krumble etc. will love this guy) and Scottish electro/techno god Michael Forshaw for their debut sets in Bristol and this is going to be a night to remember...once again Adverse Camber, Clean Cut, Dissident & P.R.A.N.K join forces to give you...

room 1: jungle / dnb / mashupdeplace
SOUNDMURDERER *live* (rewind / rephlex / usa)
DJ HIDDEN (killing sheep / outbreak / belgium / bristol debut)
three way tagteam action: DOLPHIN, TEKNOIST & SCHEMEBOY *all live* (planet mu / deathchant / ninjacolumbo)
VEXKIDDY *live* (thetrhomworkshop)
BLAM *live* (blambeats)
NOISYBOY (dissident)
MIDAS & DUBBOY *tim vs tim 45 shoot-out* (p.r.a.n.k / ruffnek discotek)
VJs CRUSTEA (cuisine) & DOGBOY (p.r.a.n.k)

room 2: techno / breakstep / bass pressure
MICHAEL FORSHAW *live* (chas n mike's / noodles / bristol debut)
HUE JAH FINK *live* (headfuk / fak)
RANDOMOIDZ *live* (adverse camber)

room 3: controlled conditions presents "interesting results"
PUNKSI ipecac records
RANDEK chicago '84 - '94
JUDGE FUDGE happy hardcore '93 - '97

£5 b4 11, £6 after. Very limited advance tickets available from Bristol Ticket Shop (£6+bf) You are advised to get there early!!!

I won't be there cus I'll be in Copenhagen @ Digital Dancehall w/ Society Suckers!!! Bo!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Goatlab II, Drumcorps plus the Beginning and End of My Disastrous Career as a DJ

Goatlab II has come and gone and I think it was a top night with the bar for performances set skyscraper high. Drumcorps set was amazing. I think it has to be one of the best sets I have ever seen. If you don't know, Drumcorps is the metal-mash project of breakcore producer Aaron Spectre. Live, the project consists of him, 2 midi keyboards, a mixer-type thing, laptop – and for the final mosh effect – a guitar. He was late in setting up and this helped to build the hype for his set. So, by the time he was ready, the room was packed and ready. The wait was worth it. A burst of noise from the midi, and wave of sounds that ran down the length of the room. The crowd jumped to his call for metal action. The crowd loved it, they went c-r-a-z-y and rightly so. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. R-o-c-k-i-n-g. All that. If you missed it – pah! If you saw it, then welcome to the throng of the blessed. It looks a bit like this:

(Not from Goatlab, sadly, but from Wasted 2.

Listen to Drumcorps live @ The GoatLab - 1 Dec 2006 (slightly overdriven recording, but you get the idea!)

Now in contrast, Goatlab II was where I had my first chance to DJ. There was a graveyard slot going in the back room and I decided to go for it. To my shame, I did not do my homework so was not on-top of the kit when I started, but was sure I could do something (I mean it's just playing records – how hard can it be?) I started with some classical (The Thieving Magpie) and then mixed it into an ATR old-skool techno track and it all sounded, well, ok. People seemed interested. I played a couple more tracks and after a while the crowed thinned to nothing. (Gone to see Parasite play, I bet...) A bit demoralizing, but I thought I could recover. Then, more people arrived. OK, I thought, time to grab them. So I go back to the Thieving Magpie and they seem interested, then I panicked and mixed (well, sloshed) it into a Napalm Death track. The crowd walked out. Thus was Goatlab II the beginning and end of my disastrous career as a DJ. I'll stick to what I know.

Here's some pictures from Goatlab taken by resident DJ Nim Chimpsky...(Nice one Nim!):

Monday, December 04, 2006



We are now recruiting producers to enter LAPTOP BATTLE 3 which will be held in Bristol in February (exact date tbc).

LAPTOP BATTLE is a new clubnight featuring 8 laptop music producers in an elimination style competition, with 3 judges deciding which producers go through each round.

The rules and format of the event can be found on the Laptop Battle website...

Judges rate each producer based on 3 criteria:
i) Composition and production skills
ii) Live manipulation of audio
iii) Crowd response

The winners so far:

Laptop Battle 2: SHINRA (Netlab)
Laptop Battle 1: HEADPHOBE (1 Man Army)

Are you up for the challenge?
Who will be the next Laptop Battle champion?

Send us an email if you would like to enter the next Laptop Battle event.

Laptop Battle #2 (November 2006) - photo gallery
Laptop Battle #1 (June 2006) - photo gallery

Saturday, December 02, 2006

More Laptops

Found this video of last year's laptop battle:


Friday, December 01, 2006

Laptop Battle – Results

Me and Parasite went along to the Laptop Battle last night at the Croft. It was excellent fun! Really, really good idea for an event. There was a good crowd and good vibes all night. The event saw several producers go head-to-head over two rounds (which varied from two to five minutes). There were 3 judges who would award each round to one or the other. It was good stuff, as you could watch the crowd and producers reactions as sets rose and fell – kind of like X-Factor with decent sounds and less pretensions (and thankfully no Simon Cowell). The final saw Headphobe (the local contender, from 1 Man Army and last years champ) vs. Shinra (Adverse Camber, from London) – hard fought battle, but by a 2:1 decision the judges gave it to Shinra!

I told Parasite he should enter the next one, he was all ummm and errrr 'I'll think about it...'

Nice one, those who put this event on. See you at the lab tonight...