Monday, September 07, 2009

Jungle Syndicate @ Lakota with BONG-RA!

After our disappointment of july 3rd being cancelled we are pleased to announce we are getting Bong-ra back and a fair few more in November at Lakota:

Jungle Syndicate
6th November 2009
@ Lakota

Room 1 Jungle Breakcore DnB

Bong-ra (adnoiseam)
Dr Bastardo (Peace Off)
Anorak (love love)
Resinate (Jungle Syndicate)
Sketch (Jungle Syndicate/braindrop)
Sargy (Jungle Syndicate)
Ragga Muffin (Jungle Syndicate)
Tiny Taste (Tiny Taste Crew)

Room 2 Dubstep, Hip-hop, Hardcore Breaks, Jungle, DnB

Coleco (Soul Motive/Destructive)
Phaeleh (Urban Scrumping)
Apathesis (Urban Scrumping)
Dj Disowned (
Frith Element b2b Father Jack (Rambunkshuss/Blackbeard)
2:G (Bass from Space)
Barrix (Nuclear sounds)

Jungle Breakcore Dnb Dubstep Jiggery Pokery
@ Lakota 10-5am

£8 b4 12 £10 after

Sets from the first two nights:


Senor Scram (Life4Land)
Parasite (DSWAT/Death$ucker)
Resinate (Jungle Syndicate) (cronic overuse of jiggery pokery - kinda had to be there!)
Sargy (Jungle Syndicate)


MDS (Life4Land)
Ghost (Life4Land)
MDS n Ghost Life4Land rinse out
Noisy Boy (Dissident)
Sketch (Jungle Syndicate)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Resinate Mix

Live Ableton set of my new tunes and some old stuff mixed on ableton:
Starts with my take on dubby styles then into ambient jungle breakcore.

feedback welcome