Monday, November 03, 2008

Blunderphonics radio show on Brap FM is having Blunderphonics down for a mix on Sunday 9th, 6-8pm.

We should be playing a load of stuff painfully crafted by the Blunderphonics gremlins in our slimy basement shelters up and down the country so do tune in as you prolly won't have heard a lot of it before.

We will be playing breakcore, jungle, gabba, dubstep, grime, dnb, glitched out wonked up electro, dub and whatever else floats our often rather heavy boat type devices.

Would be nice to see you there.

Goatlab & Freq present: Dev/Null & Ladyscraper

Dev/Null (Cock Rock Disco / Violent Turd)
Ladyscraper (Wrong Music / Deathchant)
Defazed (1manarmy)
Gusset (Death$ucker /

The Attic, Stokes Croft
Thurs 20th Nov
9 - 2

Thanks to doppelganger for the flyer!

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