Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PLUMMET - now with special guest Eustachian (Fathme/M3rck - USA)!!

Timbuk2, 22 Small Street, Bristol, BS1 1DW
Thursday 19th April 2007
Live Breakcore/Jungle/Electro/Glitchcore/Electronica/Noises
Room 1:
Electric Kettle (Peace Off/Mutant Sniper - France)
Ebola (Wrong Music/Sublight)
Monster X (Bedroom Research - France)
Parasite (Death$ucker/Peace Off)
Shoutput (Plummet/1 Man Army)
Michael DJ Rocks (Plummet/1 Man Army)
+ special guest EUSTACHIAN (Fathme/M3rck - USA)
Room 2:
The Portamentor (1 Man Army)
The Bro (Detonate)
Made In Bristol (dj)
Boggle DJs (Boggle)
Electric Kettle - 'Electric Kettle's Faster Ceremony and Ultra Discipline practically managed to eclipse Venetian Snares at his own game – the ultimate, hyper-compressed culmination of breakcore as a fusion of complexity and physically stimulating brutality. It's hard to see where the genre could go after that' -
Ebola - 'Ebola produces yammering, DSP-melting breakcore of the most severe kind' - Boomkat 'Ebola disembowels the breakcore format with a twisted blend of vocal screeching, drilling bass, and distorted electro squiggles that come at you from every angle' - XLR8R
Monster X - From super-heavy edit laden Electro to killer glitchcore, Monster X is quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with. We're looking forward to this one. A lot.
Parasite - Bristol's Own Death$ucker impressario Parasite makes his long overdue Plummet debut. Expect it to be sick.
Shoutput - Our very own Shoutput will be doing what he does best - Heavy heavy dancefloor breakcore, with added jazzhands. killer.
Michael DJ Rocks - Michael J Rocks performing a special dual-laptop dj set of whatever they can get their sick little hands on. Anything could happen.
The Portamentor - It's Headphobe, but not as we know him. Performing a special set in his Portamentor guise, The Neditor will be cracking out barrels of finest step and melodic squelch.
The Bro - Detonate main man The Bro is invading the Boggle room with his special sound. be there!
Plus Made in Bristol and The ever-impressive Boggle DJ's. Tis going to be killer! WOOP!
Electric Kettle -
Ebola -
Eustachian -
Monster X -
Parasite -
Shoutput -
Michael J Rocks -
The Portamentor -
The Bro -

Plummet -

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Laptop Battle UK v3


Doors: 9pm-4am. £5 entry.
@ The Croft, 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More GoatLab Photos...

GoatLab resident, DJ Chimpski, has also posted some great photos of GoatLab 3 - see them here...

It includes this top image of Patric C giving it some...


Sunday, March 04, 2007

GoatLab 3 – The Aftermath

Thanks to all those, who despite the shitty weather, came out to party the night away. As with the last two events, the people booked to play put out performances of the highest quality. Hunting Lodge, despite the sound system not being up to their output put on a raw and powerful performance. Nice work, Lodge. Special mentions to Jason Forest (aka Donna Summer) who put on an amazing performance and rocked the crowd and to Acrnym (also part of indie-combo, The Dananananaykroyds ) who showed – in full effect – why he is one of the hottest stars in breakcore at the moment – with a blistering set. My final mention has to go to Patric C, who totally lived up to the hype. Using an old-school Amiga to generate the sounds he showed just why he was one of the founder of the scene and still at the top of his game. An amazing set that blew me away.

(image - Acrnym gives it some by Gusset)

Look out for GoatLab 4 in two months time!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mmmmm, Breakcore Links..

I've just started using, the social bookmarking tool. What happens with it is that rather than just bookmarking a link in your browser as normal, you 'tag' it and type in key words you associate with it. then allows others to see what you link to and so on, so your bookmarks are social. Got it? Good. So I have been looking at some of the links people have put to 'breakcore' tags... - good place to start. Various - Cthulu Dildonomicon - how cool is it!!! Very. This is a fucking great site, a huge list of top breakcore DJ links. Delicious.

See you all a GoatLab 3.